12 Characteristics of People Who Like Us Psychologically

Guessing someone's feelings is not an easy task. However, understanding someone's feelings is not impossible. One way is to recognize the signs that someone likes us.

This is important to know because there may be many people who are paying attention to us or have feelings for us. However, we often lack awareness and fail to recognize these feelings, leading us to believe that we are unattractive. In reality, there may be someone who has feelings for us.

Signs of someone liking another person can be observed through body language, especially when they are near the person they like. Both men and women can behave differently than usual when they are with someone they have feelings for.

Signs That Someone Likes Us

There are several psychological signs that someone likes us, which can be clearly observed. Here are the psychological signs that someone likes us.

1. Maintaining Eye Contact

Men or women who secretly like someone tend to frequently gaze into their eyes, make eye contact, or steal glances. Conversely, when they don't like someone, they won't pay any attention to that person at all.

This eye contact is believed to occur because of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, known as the love hormone.

2. Touching

Touch is one of the non-verbal forms of communication that we often engage in, especially when it comes to someone special. Signs that someone likes us, whether it's a man or a woman, include a tendency to enjoy giving touches.

On the other hand, if someone withdraws or pulls away when being touched, it could be a sign that they may not feel the same way. Small touches as a sign that someone likes us usually do not have sexual intentions.

However, it is important for someone to express if they don't like being touched to maintain personal boundaries. Additionally, one should also be able to read the signals of the person they are interested in if they don't want to be touched.

3. Intimidating Way of Speaking and Behaving

Psychologically, both men and women often express their feelings when they are "teasing" someone they like by imitating their behavior or way of speaking. Sometimes, a person even uses the same choice of words as the person they are interested in. Whether we like it or not, this imitation can be a sign that someone likes us.

4. Attempting to Get Closer in Body Language

Body orientation and gestures are important signs to determine if someone likes us or not. People who are interested in someone else tend to get closer physically when they talk.

The body orientation of someone who likes us can involve lowering their head while speaking or leaning their body closer. Sometimes, "they" do it unconsciously.

When communicating with someone we are attracted to, both men and women tend to want physical proximity without any barriers. Usually, people will remove or move objects that act as barriers between them and the person they like, even if they are small objects like cups, bags, plates, or pillows that are between you.

5. Attention

Another sign that someone likes us is that they often pay attention to us. This attention can come in the form of offering a jacket if the weather is cold, giving full attention while talking, or responding to statements in a personal manner.

6. Laughing Frequently

Psychologically, someone who likes us tends to respond positively to our jokes, such as by laughing. However, these jokes may not be funny to others.

Someone who is attracted to another person tends to consider the person they like as the funniest person on Earth.

7. Remembering Small Details

A sign that a man or woman is interested in someone else is that they tend to remember small details about the person they like, including their birthdate, zodiac sign, Chinese zodiac sign, or favorite food. This is because someone who likes another person tends to "absorb" all the information that may not be too important to them.

8. Often Giving Gifts

One characteristic of someone who likes us, especially men, is that they often give gifts. The gifts can vary, ranging from flowers, stuffed animals, food, or things that the person of interest likes.

These gifts may make others happy, but they can also make others feel uncomfortable. The person who is being admired may ignore the gifts if they are not happy with them.

Signs of someone liking another person can be seen through body gestures, especially when they are near the person they like. Both men and women can behave differently than usual when they are with someone they are interested in.

9. Showing Effort

Another characteristic of a man or woman who likes someone else is that they make a diligent effort to win the heart of their beloved. This effort can be in the form of spending time together, showing interest in getting to know the person they like, and demonstrating their commitment to the other person.

10. Dilated Pupils

When someone's pupils dilate, it can indicate many things. One of them is attraction, according to psychologist Dr. Susan Marchant-Haycox.

"Dilated pupils are a sign of attraction and positive feelings," says Dr. Marchant-Haycox. "It is a factor that a person cannot control."

11. Nonstop Talking

If someone is interested in another person, they tend not to want to stop talking to them. Engaging in continuous conversation can be a sign of whether someone likes another individual.

12. Raised Eyebrows

Interestingly, if someone raises their eyebrows for a few seconds while talking to someone else, it indicates that they are interested in that person. Pay close attention to their eyebrows because this movement is called a 'flash,' which is an unconscious gesture that occurs only when dopamine is released into the bloodstream, and this hormone is activated when attracted to someone.

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