20 Signs You're Falling in Love, from Being Curious About Them to Getting Nervous When You're Together

Love is complicated and has no definitive definition. But when we meet someone and instantly connect with them, we often get lost in our thoughts and ask ourselves, 'Am I falling in love with them?' or is it just admiration? 'Will they reciprocate my love?' 'Do they know that I love them?' To make it easier for you, here are some signs that you are falling in love.

Although love cannot be defined in words, researchers have found that the brain of someone in love looks very different from someone experiencing lust. Our brains undergo many changes when we fall in love. It releases chemicals associated with the reward circuitry, resulting in a multitude of emotional and physical responses, including a racing heart, flushed cheeks, intense passion, and sweaty palms.

Here are 20 signs that you are falling in love:

1. Constantly Thinking About Them

When you are captivated by someone, you will think about them throughout the day. You may be working or busy with other activities, but they are always on your mind. People in love often spend most of their time thinking about their beloved. So, if you find yourself constantly thinking about someone, you may be in love with them.

2. Dedicate Time to Them

If you want to spend as much time as possible with them and your heart races every time you are together, it is a sign that you are falling in love.

You may have a busy schedule, but for them, you make plans to spend quality time with them and have conversations. If their presence makes you feel so special that you make time for them despite your schedule, it is your heart speaking.

3. Curiously Want to Know Everything About Them

Do you want to know how they like to spend their weekends? Falling in love often makes us curious about others, from their interests to their priorities, to get to know them better. So, if you frequently find yourself wanting to know about them, it means you are falling in love.

4. Considering Them Special

Perfection is something no one achieves, but for a woman who deeply loves her husband, he is the most special and unique person in the world. When you're falling in love, you start considering your partner as someone special and unique. This belief is reinforced by the inability to feel intense love and romance for anyone else.

5. Overlooking Their Negative Traits

Love truly brings out the best in someone! When falling in love, we often overlook a person's negative traits and focus on their positive side because that's what attracts us to them.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, love relationships are more successful when people idealize their partners. While it's good to focus on the positive attributes of someone's personality, it doesn't mean ignoring their negative traits, which can be warning signs in the future.

6. Empathy

When falling in love, a person's ability to empathize multiplies tenfold, and they feel others' pain as their own. If you can't bear to see them in pain, you might be in love with them. Remember, empathy should not be confused with sympathy. Sympathy is when we feel sorry for someone's situation, while empathy is our ability to understand someone's feelings.

7. Constantly Checking Your Phone

When we're interested in someone and share a deep bond with them, we want to communicate with them and be around them. If you find yourself constantly fiddling with your phone to check for messages or calls from them, you're in love, girls!

Do you feel happy when their name appears on your phone? If so, it means you're in love with them.

8. Nervousness Around Them

Love can make us behave differently and tend to act nervous around that person. "Does my hair look good today? Am I eating gracefully?" Questions like these may arise when you feel anxious or nervous around them, worrying about your appearance. Such anxiety and nervousness may be an indication that you are falling in love with them.

9. Feeling Safe Near Them

"Am I in love with them or the idea of them?" Solving this question can be scary for you. However, you can find the answer by examining your feelings around them. When we fall in love with someone, we feel comfortable and safe with them. When a man is humble, supportive, charming, and loyal, women feel safe with him.

Ask yourself if you feel emotionally and physically secure with them. Also, if they would do something to protect you. If yes, it is a sign that you are falling in love.

10. Comfortable Opening Up to Them

Love is a pure feeling that allows us to open up about our vulnerabilities and share secrets with the person we love. When you are in love, you don't pretend to be someone you're not. If you feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets and dreams, chances are you love them. Trust is the foundation of building a relationship, and being open with them means you have complete faith in them.

11. Rereading Old Conversations

Happy memories strengthen the bond of love and are an essential essence of a relationship. If you find yourself rereading old texts with them or reviving sweet memories you shared with them, it signifies that you are falling in love.

12. Feeling More Energized

Love gives you wings to fly and the energy to conquer the world. The power of true love is such that it can make you unbeatable and confident enough to achieve the impossible. Love is like a magical potion that strengthens everything you do and adds happiness and success to your life.

13. It Doesn't Always Require Words to Communicate

You may feel awkward in the silence between strangers, but it's different when it comes to the man you love. If both of you are comfortable with gazing at the sky, looking into each other's eyes, and enjoying each other's company without uttering a word, it's a clear sign that you love him.

14. Thinking about a Future Together

When you include him in your future plans, it indicates that you're falling in love with him. Longing for emotional unity and seeking ways to have a future together are signs that you're falling in love. You might envision traveling together or getting married.

15. Seeking His Help

Who comes to mind first when you face a problem? If it's him, then it signifies that you're falling in love with him. Feeling comforted just by thinking about his presence in stressful situations means that you appreciate his presence in your life, and he is someone special.

16. Fascinated by His Behavior

Love brightens everyone's life and releases happy hormones, giving a sense of euphoria whenever you think about it. Someone who is falling in love pays attention to the little details of the person they like and is also interested in everything they do.

So, if you have a bright smile on your face every time you're near him and feel joy even in the small things he does, you're falling in love with him.

17. Willing to Compromise for Him

No relationship exists without some adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices. Ego is one of the greatest killers of true love, so if you find yourself making small adjustments and compromises for him willingly, it means he is very meaningful to you.

18. Not Finding Others Attractive

When you're falling in love, you tend to lose interest in other people. True love makes us close the door to our hearts and hand over the key to our partner. It's a natural instinct to stop being attracted to other men when you're falling in love.

If you see your whole world in his eyes and aren't interested in anyone else, you truly love him.

19. Letting Go of the Past

Often, we get hurt by our past relationships, and the thought of falling in love again makes us fearful. If you're not haunted by your past and it no longer hurts you, it's a sign that you're ready to enter into a beautiful relationship.

20. His Happiness is of Great Importance

When you're falling in love, all you want is to see them happy. If you're wondering, "How do I know if I love him?" ask yourself if his success matters to you or not. Also, find out if you would choose his happiness over yours. If yes, then you've formed a deep connection with him.

So, if you're thinking, "Do I love him?" pay attention to the signs of falling in love mentioned above. If he's the one, don't hesitate to acknowledge your feelings and start a loving relationship with him.

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